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Peerless by Tymphany DFM-2535R00-08 1 Compression Horn Driver 24-Bolt 8 Ohm

The Tymphany DFM-2535R00-08 1" exit compression driver features a titanium diaphragm with a polyimide surround. It delivers smooth, accurate high frequency response with an unusually low Fs for wide-range audio performance.
  • Proprietary coating on titanium diaphragm promotes a detailed yet non-fatiguing high frequency response
  • 107.8 dB efficiency: high output relative to minimal input power
  • Smooth response from an exceptionally low 1,500 Hz all the way to 17,000 Hz
  • Polyimide surround provides durability and additional damping for natural sound quality
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Peerless by Tymphany DFM-2544R00-08 1 Compression DFM Driver 8 Ohm

The Peerless DFM-2544R00-08 1" exit 8 ohm compression driver features a titanium diaphragm with a unique coating for minimal dome resonance. This driver will deliver natural, accurate high frequency response for wide-range audio performance.
  • 1" throat with 2/3-bolt mount for use with many popular horns
  • Damped titanium diaphragm provides smooth and detailed response
  • Suitable for use with crossovers as low as 1,500 Hz
  • Ideal for use in high output 2-way and 3-way designs
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Peerless DFL-2525R00-08 1 Titanium Dome Compression Driver 8 Ohm

The compact but powerful DFL-2525R00-08 from Peerless uses a pure titanium diaphragm to provide minimal distortion and resonance which results in a high output compression driver capable of smooth response and natural sound.
  • Pure titanium diaphragm provides natural damping for smooth response
  • 1" throat with 2/4-bolt mount for use on many popular horns
  • Compact design and light weight is ideal for portable speaker designs
  • Smooth response from 3,000 Hz up to 17,000 Hz
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